Thursday, June 10, 2021

Top 5 Best cloud storage for android apps right now

Nowadays, the cloud storage service has become a familiar topic for seminars or discussions in application technology. You may not know it, but the cloud storage features allow you to upload and back up your Android phone's content online, and save room for youe phones or tablets. Here are some of the best cloud storage for Android apps that you should go for. 

1. Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the most popular and favorite cloud storage providers for Android users. Although it offers only 2GB of free storage, you can leave feedback to expand its storage space, following companies and referring to your friends without payment.

Besides, this service is completely free for users to save a considerable amount of money. The advantage of this application is that it offers a new extra feature that gives users the ability to access their files even without an Internet connection.


A simple way to use this app is to freely download it on the Google Play Store. It comes with 10GB of free storage with an upload file size up to 250M that helps you store important files and information at no extra charge.

Box is a cloud computing application that is similar to Dropbox. Users can store, share, and edit files and documents on it. Box's Android app can provide all the options for users desirous of in a cloud storage provider, which includes accessing your stored files offline.

3.Amazon Drive

This is one of the most popular cloud storage apps available, especially for tech lovers. There are 2 types of Amazon Drive which include Prime Photos and Unlimited Storage. While Prime Photos allows users to sign up for a free unlimited photo storage service, Unlimited Storage allows you to store unlimited files through which you can easily edit or store important documents.

With its safety feature, automatic backup support, and accessibility on all devices, this is one of the most favorite apps among Android users.

4.Google Drive

It is a mistake not to mention Google Drive, one of the best cloud storage applications on Android for white-collar workers. Google Drive offers up to 15GB of free cloud storage for user accounts, but it also comes packed with a wide range of other top features you might not have known about.

Not only provides the ability to store data like other applications, but Google Drive also allows users to share documents, assist teamwork, and edit information. This application is a solution for Android users. With a Google account, you perform the operations quickly, as a result, save your time.


Finally, Mega is a must-have Android app you should not miss. You can get 50GB of free storage for the registration of the service and its feature allows you to focus on privacy which other apps do not have. All files are encrypted that ensures individual rights and privacy, so if you are someone who needs privacy and security then this will be a great choice.

With the article "Top 5 best cloud storage applications for Android right now" above, we hope that we provided some useful information for you to be able to choose the most convenient applications.


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