Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tips on information security

It is very necessary for each person to protect their personal information. Especially, most people are possible to equip for themselves with modern technological devices such as, laptop, smart phone, etc.
To make sure you could protect your personal information more better, we suggested some useful advice.

 First of all, your computer need to install a password. This is very important because strangers might enter and steal information on your computer easily if you lost or forgot it somewhere. Set a hard and long password for better security.

Secondly,  you should not visit strange links from a social network or Email. You might be taken to a fake website or your computer automatically install strange software after you click on strange links that intruders might send to you. By that ways, they can steal your information.

Besides, you should install antivirus software and always turn it on. This could help you avoid virus from information thieves or block fake sites. Information security is very important. These tips will help you a lot to protect information.

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