Monday, June 11, 2018

Notes to maintain the traveling couches and cars

 Maintaining cars and coaches is always a  problem that many drivers concern.  The following tips can help the drivers apply to preserve their car safer to use, durable.  Especially drivers can avoid some troubles when traveling.

  Phu Yen tourist car rental service - Bay Hop Travel please pay attention to the important notes which can not be ignored when operating and preserving the car.
1. Fuel system maintenance of cars
For cars, the fuel system is very important, if it is not regularly maintained, your car may get many problems.
Regularly, when you pour fuel in car, the remaining residue in the vehicle will enter the system, which in turn accumulates and obstructs.  This makes the distribution of fuel misled.  In addition, it may leave the consequences such as cars running gasoline, gasoline smoke, bad odour smoke, vibration when running, the engine weakened, etc.  Therefore, to maintain cars, you should check the filter, then clean and refresh them.  You can use the following substances: Eurosol Petrol or Eurosol Diesel, etc. They are mixed with gasoline.
2. Maintenance of cars, traveling cars by replacing engine oil
Lubricant is an important oil for the engine.  Therefore, if we use it for a long time without replacing and maintaining, it will affect the engine. You should replace lubricant when traveling about 5000km or using car about 6 months. To ensure the quality of car, you should check it every month.  You can check by some ways as seeing smoke coming out when running.  If the black smoke is too much, it indicates that the oil has run out and you need to replace it.
3. Checking the tyres
Tires are also important for your vehicle. After operating time, it will wear out, therefore, you should check the tire regularly.  If the tire is flat tire, deflated, hard to drive, it can cause accident.
  The tire pressure is related to the safety, vibration, smoothness of the steering wheel. If the tire pressure is high, it will cause tire friction, tire explosion. Therefore, you should check the tires regularly, choose the right tires, pump the tires fully, tighten the valve, maintain the gas, etc.
4. Pay attention to wash car
After washing your car, you should dry inside the car. Some parts of car may be dusty such as glass, glass edge, lancel groove, grille, it will be easy to catch dust without drying.  Particularly to the brake, if it is not cleaned, it will be very difficult to brake and will be in danger when driving

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