Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Famous shopping centers in Bangkok

1. MBK (MahBoonKrong)
MBK was established in 1986. It is a favorite shopping destination for both Thai and tourists. 
MBK is an 8 storeys building which is 89,000 square metre with over 2000 stores. You can find all products not only clothing, cosmetics, bags but also leather products, furniture, telephone, electronic products or household goods, stationery. 

The price is considered to be the most affordable among all shopping centers in Bangkok.
The 1st floor is a place that you can find fashionable clothing stalls, shoes, handbags and fast food. 
The stores often offer a 30% to 50%  discount.  The fifth and sixth floor are the palce where the furniture and souvenirs are sold.  If you want to buy gifts for relatives, you should not ignore these areas.
 In addition, these two floor also have two food areas with various options for tourists. There is a number of restaurants and cafes where you will find some major brands like McDonalds, Starbucks, Dairy Queen.
The top floor is an entertainment area that includes cinema, karaoke, gaming area and many restaurants.  MBK also offers visitors with a 3D exhibition area for visitors to take photos.
2. Siam Paragon
Siam Paragon was established in 2005 and immediately became the pride of Bangkok people.  This place, which is 80000 square metre, includes about 250 stores that offer trendy brands such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Prada and VĂ©ace ...  Although the price is quite expensive, you will bring yourself a  quality items like people say “you get what you paid for”. On the first floor, you'll find average fashion brands such as Zara, Hugo Boss, Armani, Gap, Coach, etc. The second floor consists of electronic products and showrooms of famous car manufacturers such as BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini. On the 3rd floor you will find Starbucks, iStudio or Q Concept Store.
 On the 4th floor, you can experience trendy technology products.  Many restaurants are also located on this floor if you want to have lunch.  In addition, the fourth floor is also a place to sell silk products, handicrafts, essential oils and souvenirs.  And the last one, on the 5th floor, tourists will be served VIP movie and IMAX service.
3. Central World

This shopping center is very wide but not crowded, perhaps because the main items are luxury goods.  The first and second floor are a collection of brands like Marks & Spencer, Charles & Keith, Top Shop, Coach, Furla. The third floor is a place that has fashion brands for the youth such as Adidas, GAP, Crocs, Fox. Electronic products are sold on the fourth floor and the fifth floor has spa and furniture. Food area is situated in the sixth floor and entertaiment area and movie are served on the top floor.

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