Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Portworx secures $27 million series C financing, unveils update to container management platform

Portworx, a supplier of storage and information management software for containers, has announced a $27 million series C financing round - and - touted record revenue and client growth in the process.
The company's series C, setting its total financing at $55.5m, was co directed by Sapphire Ventures along with the venture capital arm of Mubadala Investment Company, with fresh Cisco Investments, HPE and NetApp are joining Mayfield Fund and GE Ventures from the round. The business noted that its client base had expanded with a total reservation of up to 50% only between the fourth and third quarters of 2018.

Among the new clients are HPE, with the infrastructure giant eating its own dog food in the financing stakes by investing later buying the Portworx Enterprise Platform. Portworx also took the chance to unveil the most recent version of its platforms, Portworx Enterprise 2.1.
New features include improved disaster recovery and a role based security option, with organizations able to get controls on a per container quantity basis incorporated with corporate authorization and authentication. The chance for Portworx along with other businesses of their ilk is a big one.
As this publication mentioned in Sept, a study from the company noted over two thirds of businesses were making investment in containers, noting that the venture had caught up.
Ronald Sens, director at A10 Networks, mentioned in the time that while Kubernetes is clearly becoming the de facto standard, areas, like application load balancing, aren't part of their service. Kubernetes alone isn't enough to take care of crucial information services that power enterprise applications, said Murli Thirumale, CEO and co founder of Portworx in a statement.
Portworx cloud storage and information management solutions allow businesses to run all of their applications from containers in production. With this investment round the cloud native industry recognises Portworx and its unbelievable team as the container storage and information management leader, Thirumale added. Our client first strategy carries on to pay off.

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