Sunday, June 17, 2018

5 Tips to have a nice trip at the seaside

Summer is the season of  sea, how to be able to dive comfortably into the cool water without encountering troubles such as water in the ear or sand covering all the body? 
Take the 5 following tips to sea travel to solve at urgent situations!
1. Water into the ear - Blow a ball at once

Prepare a rubber ball, if the water flows into the ears, blow a ball while covering the nose, pressure in the nose and ears can help you push out water quickly and effectively.
2. Cover the nose and close the mouth

  - Diving is a very interesting activity, but it may also cause headaches at any time.  So how to overcome this situation?  Just before getting into the water, you cover your nose and mouth for 5 to 10 seconds to create a demo pressure in your head and breathe deeply, repeat the movement 2-3 times that every thing will be all right.
3. Use a little bit of baby powder
  - Sand cannot stick on your body: sea sand adhesion is also a nuisance, however, the solution is extremely simple.  You just spread a little baby powder on the skin that sand sticking, then rub, sand will easily drop.  Why?  Because baby powder has the ability to absorb moisture effectively.
4. Take a zip bag in your hand
 - Phone will be waterproof: The holiday is close but you forgot to buy protection device your phone?  Make the most of your zip bag and straw to create a convenient cover.  This tip not only is effective but also help you save money.
How to do: Put the phone in a zip bag, then use a straw to absorb the air inside, that’s all.
5. Sunburn treatment- use aloe vera
 - Aloe Vera contains a lot of anti-inflammatory and moisturizing ingredients.  If you are sunbunrt when taking part in activities at beach, you can use this material to give the first aid for saving your skin!
How to use: Apply directly to sunbunrt skin.  Cut aloe vera into pieces and freeze them. If necessary, take it to rub on the sunburn.  Sunblock by aloe vera is a very effective and safe tip, the girls should remember this to use when essential.

Summer is coming, the sea with sunshine can help you get high spirit to work better after holidays. And if anyone is planning to go to the beach right now, do not forget the 5 travel tips that have been shared above.

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